Welcome to the website where you can find how to enjoy your stay in Czech Republic the most intensive way and simply visit the places, which you definitely cannot miss to visit while you in Czech Republic.

What can I offer to you

           Sure, to see the beauties of Czech Republic you can choose from many travel agencies and join there offer for a planned trip. But if you don't like organized excursions with straight given tight schedule, where you have to be in the right place at the right time only with the travel guide and you actually don't have time to see more of places of interest by yourself. If you´d like to spend your time in chosen location rather calmly and exactly your way, you are in the right place here.

           I'm the person, who likes to travel all around the world, so I know, how hard could be to find your way around, get the necessary information and get easily where you want to go in a foreign country. It's just my travel experiences that brought me to the idea, to provide a decent but still low cost travel services for the visitors of Czech Republic.

           So how does it work? On this website you'll find some tips for a few places of interest that are definitely worth to visit. Also, you'll find here some direct links to the websites where you can find more information (including the photo galleries), about this places, historical monuments and landmarks in English. Then all you need to do is to book a date, when do you want to realize your trip. Then I'll take you to your chosen location by a comfortable VW Sharan (maximum capacity 4 passengers), after that depends on you only, how do you want to spend your time. Depends on you if you want to use my travel guidance or if you want to enjoy your trip privately, I can drop you off and then pick you up at the chosen location and take you back to your hotel. Every agreement about changing the trip plans is possible, because the trip schedule depends on you. Did some place really get your attention and you want to spend more time there? Or did you find some other place you want to visit? No problem I will convert the program to your instant requirements.

           Travel distance from Prague, recommended price, duration of stay, driving time (there and back), it's said by every trip that is advertised here. The price is calculated for my services, not per person, so it doesn't depend on number of passengers. That means, for example a daylong trip to Český Krumlov costs 160 EUR, so if you travel in 4 people you'll pay 40 EUR each. Everything is included in this price, my time, fuel etc. But this price doesn't include the entrance fee.

           The trips on these pages are only recommended, so if you want to visit some other place, just let me know where do you want to go and we can negotiate the price of your trip.

           And one more offer. If there are less than 4 people in your group and you want to save some money, you can choose to "share trip" while booking the trip. Than the free seats can be occupied by other customers who are also interested in this trip and your costs will reduce. But you have to count with an option that you will travel with unknown people and the program of the group needs to be coordinated together. You need to be aware that not every time is possible to coordinate the customers for the same trip in the same time. In this case you'll be charged with the full price of the trip.

Something about me I'm 48 years old, I drove about 750 000 km without an accident. I drove almost all around the Europe and in USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina and Morocco. You free to see the pictures from my journeys in my photo gallery. I speak German and English.

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